What Happens If I Cannot Board My Flight (Complete Info)

There can be circumstances in which you cannot reach the airport on time for boarding, and you miss your flight. It can happen for different reasons like heavy traffic, medical emergency, delay of your connecting flight, an issue with the check-in, baggage delay, or other possible reasons. If you are concerned about what happens if I miss my flight, you first need to contact the airline. If you cannot arrive at the airport on time, you will simply be categorized in the "No-Show Policy," and your itinerary will be canceled by the airlines.

To save yourself from the "No-Show Policy," you must contact the airline before boarding. The officials can help you with your situation and offer you a new booking, and that too without additional cost. So if you are aware that you will miss the flight, inform the airlines beforehand and figure out the best alternative to reach your destination.

How can I contact my airlines If I miss my flight?

If you miss the flight, you can contact your airline by reaching the help desk at the airport if possible, or you can use their customer service number for urgent assistance. The required number can be obtained from the airline's website, and you can place a call to speak with a person about your missed flight.

What is the flat tire rule?

The Flat Tire rule allows passengers to get a rebooking on an alternate flight on the same day or any other day as per the traveler's choice. To avail of the rule, you must contact your airlines on time that you will miss the flight and explain your situation.

What are the passenger's rights when he misses a flight

If a passenger misses their flight due to their fault, your airline will not take any responsibility. However, in some conditions, the passenger's rights are concerned, and here is the required list:

  • If the passenger's connecting flight is missed due to the delay of their previous flight, then the airline will compensate you either with a new booking or a full flight refund.
  • If the flight misses for the delay of your baggage at the airport, you can also ask for a booking on the next flight or ask to compensate.
  • If you have already informed your airline that you will not make it on time to board your booked flight, you can avail of a rebooking on a date of your choice.
  • If the passenger missed the flight due to an accident or a medical emergency, then you should have to pay the full refund of your reservation.

Can I rebook my missed flight?

Yes, depending on the situation or the airline's policy, you may be able to rebook your missed flight. You must pay the rebooking charges and any fare difference in these conditions. You can contact an executive to get the rebooking for your missed flight.

How can I claim a refund if I missed my flight?

If your airline is wholly responsible for the missing of your flight or you have already informed the airlines about your situation and are eligible for the refund, then there is a refund form that you have to fill out.

The process to Fill Refund Claim Form:

  • Open the website of the airline,
  • Then go to their contact/support page,
  • Now you have to locate the refund option on the page,
  • Now the refund form will open on the website,
  • Choose the reason for the refund,
  • First, add the passenger details on the suitable columns,
  • Then add the missed flight ticket details,
  • Select why you missed the flight,
  • Attach the documents or files that are required,
  • And press the submit button.
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