Terms & Conditions

Pickreservations.com is a website that you can use for the booking of your travel with any Airlines associated with us and also you can get assistance for your flight booking and itinerary. If you are using the website for the travel booking or reviewing the information or another reason, you need to agree to the terms and the conditions mentioned below. The terms and the conditions are also accepted by the companies offering the services provided to the customer, subsidiaries, partner airlines etc.
Feel safe when you shop at pickreservations.com:
During browsing on pickreservations.com or booking a flight with us, you will share some information. You need to be assured about the details as they will remain safe with us and the partner Airlines at the time of booking flight. pickreservations.com is a third-party website using which can be used for flight booking on the behalf of Airlines due to which the information you provide such as travel details, personal information and card details needs to be shared with the Airlines to complete the booking process. But the detail will remain safe in the future as we don’t save the personal data of the passengers.
Changes to Terms of Use:
The terms and conditions of this website might get changed as per its sole requirement and all the changes will get effective immediately. If you are using the website continuously after the changes it means, you agree to the changed terms and conditions. Also you will get the option to tap on the Agree button to confirm your agreement.
Terms of accessing the website also the account security:
We have the right to amend or withdraw the website or any particular service(s) provided through this website. If any of the part(s) of the website not working due to any reason, we will not be liable for that. Also, we can restrict any of the part(s) of the website from time to time which includes the registered users as well.
Your responsibilities:
  • Accessing the website and make all the possible travel arrangements using the website by understanding it.
  • You need to make sure that the other users using your internet connection are aware of the terms and conditions of our website.
  • The information you are providing for the booking should be updated, correct and complete.
  • If you are creating the username and the password for an account with us, this is your responsibility to keep your username and password safe and secure. You should not share it with any third-party. If there is a violation of terms and conditions we have the right to disable the username and password without and consent or notice.
Intellectual property rights:
This website and the content such as the audios, videos, images, and text, etc. are owned by the company. You are allowed to use this service for personal and non-commercial purposes. You are also not allowed to distribute, share, store or perform any activity which is a part of website.

You should not:

  • Delete, alter or edit any information of the website.
  • Use the content (images, video, audios, etc.) of the website without text associated with it.
  • Change or modify any material or statement(s) of the website.
Using the pickreservations.com for the provided services, you agree to waive a claim against the website and its employees and the website is not liable for the following:
  • If there is any loss or injury caused to the passenger due to the Airline’s negligence partnered with us.
  • At the Airport or on the flight if there is any inconvenience or lack of services.
  • As we use the Amadeus GDS there could be a change in the flight route(s) and some of the routes might get changed due to low traffic.
  • Delayed departure or flight canceled.
  • Changed fares, change of route, missed a connecting flight.

To avoid any misinterpretation pickreservations.com does not guarantee you for the refund of these flights.

Service charges:
There are some service charges applicable to the service pickreservations.com provides in certain circumstances.
  • Admin charges: 50
  • Credit card surcharge: 0%
  • Ticket dispatch by courier: 2
  • Ticket dispatch by insured deliver: 5
  • International telephone or fax calls provider: as specified by the provider
  • Tailor-made itinerary planning: No charge
  • Bookings: No charge