Privacy Policy

We always care for our customer's privacy and value their requirements. The most important thing for us is mutual trust and understanding, taking this into a deep consideration we have curated this Privacy Policy.
We ensure the confidentiality and security of each and every user's data shared with us. Also, we expect you to understand the Privacy Policy and terms to protect the privacy from the both ends. Besides, going through this policy you would know what types of information and how we shall be collecting from you during your visit to

What kind of information we collect?
It always depends on circumstances in which we may collect different sorts of information from you. It may include:
  • While browsing and searching over the website.
  • IP address or MAC address when accessing our site.
  • On entering your personal details when it gets shared electronically via email, text message, or other media resides between you and the website.
  • Additionally, on interacting with the third-party firms associated with us through this website as a medium.
What Kind of Information We May Collect and How Do We Do It?
When you visit the website, we may gather many kinds of information about the users which are as follows:
  • Any details which state your personal identification such as name, contact details, address, etc.
  • The information which is not particularly about you but associates you.
  • Through all the tools you use on the website as well as other useful information.
  • Also, we try to figure out what you are looking for through the cookies so that we can deliver you the best experience when you visit the website again.
What Information We Can Collect Through Automatic Data Collection Schemes?
  • Information about the visits on the website which include location, traffic, and other data which may help you to recognize your searches.
  • Your IP address, internet connection, computer or device through which you are browsing.
  • Cookies and caches can also be collected.
How We May Use of Information?
  • We collect information in order to deliver you the suitable website information, latest offers, and scheme.
  • Making your flight reservations with partner airlines.
  • In order to provide you with services, products that you request.
  • To give you a notification about the latest updates and offers that might be helpful to you.
  • Additionally, with your consent, your data may be used for another purpose.
Processing Your Information
The information provided to us may be used, transferred, stored, or processed within the United States and other countries as well. Also, the data security and laws might not be similar to the country you belong to. By utilizing the website, you give your consent and agree with the fact that the data can be shared and used in any country.
How Will You Reach Us?
For the case, if you need to get in touch with us on Privacy Policy or Traveling Plans, drop a mail at:

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