Complete Details of British Airways Baggage Policies and Fee

British Airways maintains baggage policies so travelers can reach their destination carrying their luggage. The essential highlights are described below if you don't have enough information about British Airways baggage policies. Passengers must read and obey the policies to carry their luggage:

  • Travelers can carry luggage according to the limit set by the airlines.
  • If the size or weight of their bag exceeds the limit the airline prescribes, passengers must pay an additional payment.
  • Your carry-on luggage has to fit in the overhead bin or under the passenger's seat.
  • Customers are not permitted to carry harmful or sharp objects along with them.
  • If you require a particular assistive device, then you can carry your device by informing airline customer services.
  • Passengers can take a liquid of up to 100 ml.
  • Sports items or musical instruments can be carried as checked-in luggage.
  • You may carry duty-free bags or gifts as hand luggage.

How many bags are free on British Airways?

Many travelers, after booking British Airways flight tickets, wonder how many bags are allowed to be carried by airlines for free. If a similar question is bothering you, then free luggage depends upon different traveling classes and cabins. You must read the following points to know whether you can carry your luggage for free.

  • If you add your bags within 24 hours and are under the set limit, you can carry luggage for free.
  • Travelers can carry one handbag along with them for free.
  • Along with Handbags, they can also carry one cabin bag.
  • Traveling in economy class, you can carry one checked-in bag for free. Premium economy and business class travelers can carry two bags, while first-class travelers can carry three for free.

What size bags are allowed on British Airways for free?

If you wish to know the limit set by British Airlines to carry luggage for free, you must take care of the specifications below. Also, remember if your bags are more than the limit described above, you need to make an additional payment for carrying your bags:

  • The dimension of your handbags must be 40 *30 *15 cm. British Airways allow passengers to carry handbags under 23 kg of weight.
  • The dimension set by British Airways for cabin bags is 56 * 45 *25 cm. Passengers are not allowed to carry bags of more than 23 kg.
  • The dimension of the passenger's checked baggage must not exceed 90 * 75 *43cm.

How much amount I have to pay on British Airways for being overweight?

If the size and weight of travelers' bags exceed the above-mentioned limitations, they must pay to carry their overweight baggage. The passengers must pay the price depending on the weight and number of bags. Refer to the following essential points:

  • If you are carrying a handbag and the weight is more than you need to send it as checked-in luggage.
  • If your checked-in bag weighs 23kg-32 kg, then you need to pay 100 USD for a one-way journey for each bag.
  • For carrying wheelchairs, mobility devices, and other medical equipment, customers are not required to pay airline charges.
  • If your checked luggage weighs more than 32 kg, you must pay approximately 150 dollars to British Airways.
  • Bags weighing over 50 kg cannot be carried as checked-in luggage; they will be transported via cargo.

How can I Communicate with the baggage department of Airways?

To communicate with the baggage department of British Airways, customers can either write a letter or reach at the following address:

Baggage Claims

11 West 42nd Street
24th Floor
New York, NY 10036


What is the size and weight limit of cabin bags?

Passengers traveling with British Airways can carry one hand baggage and a laptop or handbag (maximum 7 kg or 15 lbs).

  • The hand luggage must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22-inch x 18-inch x 10-inch). The dimension includes the handle, pockets, and wheels.
  • The dimension of the laptop or handbag must not exceed the dimensions 45cm x 36cm x 20cm (18" x 14" x 8" ), including the handle and pockets.

Can you travel with your oversized bags?

Yes, passengers can travel with oversized bags not exceeding 75in x 29.5in x 25.5in (190cm x 75cm x 65cm), including handles and pockets. Any bag over the stated dimension will be shipped separately as freight or cargo.

How many bags does British Airways allow on international flights?

  • Economy (no checked bag): 0 bags with maximum wait for 23 kgs.
  • Economy (with checked bag):1 bag with 23 kg maximum weight.
  • Premium Economy: 2 bags with 23 kgs maximum weight.
  • Business: 2 bags with 23 kgs maximum weight.
  • First: 3 bags with 23 kgs maximum weight.

What is the baggage allowance for infants and children?

Traveling with an infant and children? Be aware of the following points:

  • For children (between 2-11): Baggage allowance is the same as for adults.
  • For Infant (Under 2 ): 23kg bag in the hold, for all cabins.

Additionally, they can choose two among the mentioned.

  • Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller): Dimension (Height 38cm, Length 117cm, Depth 38cm)
  • Travel cot
  • Baby back carrier
  • Car or booster seat

Do sports equipment and musical instruments allow on British Airways?

Yes, the airline allows sports and musical instruments, such as non-motorized Bikes, Diving equipment ( face mask, fins, buoyancy control device, snorkel, weight belt, etc.), Golf clubs and umbrellas, guitars, cellos, Double basses, etc.

Do gifts and duty-free count as part of your baggage allowance?

British Airways baggage policies count gifts and duty-free as part of your baggage allowance. To learn more about the airline's baggage policy, visit its official website or dial customer service number 1 (800) 247-9297.

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