Austrian Airlines Flight Change Terms - How to Reschedule

You must understand their guidelines and policies to get through with Austrian Airlines flight change. For any kind of change and modifications you wish to make, you can go through the given terms and conditions and get the requirements done:

  1. For the Austrian booking, you have made seven or more days before the flight; the changes to the same can be done within 24 hours of the flight’s booking time, and you also will not have to pay the change fees.
  2. You may even change the flight booking without paying any change fee when the booking has been made with an elite or business class airline flight.
  3. Austrian flights booked with award tickets or miles can go through the changes without having to pay a change fee as applicable with the same.
  4. Suppose the airline makes changes immediately without any prior information. In that case, you can claim compensation for the same and ask the airline to adjust you with the earliest possible alternative.
  5. If changes are being made due to medical health or the sudden death of a close relative, you can go through a free change or flight rescheduling upon submitting free documents.
  6. Austrian Airlines informs you of the change due to any technical, controllable, or uncontrollable situation four to five hours before the flight's departure, and you shall not be allowed for a free change unless the fare type allows you.  
  7. Changes to the flight can be done if required for paying by completing the same through the miles or points you have earned from the airline.

How do I change my flight on Austrian Airlines?

Changes to the Austrian Airlines flight can be made successfully through the online process. You can choose to cancel the flight using the online process, such as:

  • Navigate through Austrian Airlines’ official website,
  • Go to the book option, and select My Bookings from the flight's drop-down menu.
  • This shall forward you to the related booking page.
  • Go to the menu list icon and click the change option.
  • Make the related changes, complete the process as instructed, and make the payment if required.
  • Once done, you shall be availed of the confirmation email.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Austrian Airlines?

For the changes you are planning to make with the Austrian Airlines flight, you must pay for the same. The change fee you are supposed to pay for the flight shall range between €30 to €500. This shall vary from one ticket to another, depending on various factors like flight route, time and date of booking, fare rules you have agreed to, etc.

Can I request a flight change on Austrian Airlines at the airport counter?

Yes, the changes you seek can be easily done at the airport counter. You must reach the counter well before time and then complete the requirements. From the departing airport, the changes can be done up to four to five hours before the scheduled departure time.

How do I contact Austrian Airlines to change my flight?

You can change the Austrian Airlines flight even upon contacting them. You must dial +1 800 843 0002 and ask the Austrian executive for help.

How far in advance can I change my Austrian Airlines flight?

After completing the booking, changes can be made to the Austrian Airlines flight from the next minute. Irrespective of the ticket type, you can get done with the changes without having to pay any change fee for the same.

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