Latam Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy, Charges You Pay

Latam Airlines is a Chilean-based International airline, and its headquarters is situated in Santiago. Latam Airlines covers around 150 destinations worldwide, and its fleet size is 149; if you make a booking on this airline, you have to reschedule your flight, but you need to have information about the process of changing. To make changes to Latam Airlines reservations, travellers must make sure they follow the Latam Flight Change Policy; some important highlights are mentioned below:

  1. LATAM Airlines allows travellers to make flight changes within the initial 24 hours of reservations free of cost.
  2. Travellers who exceed this risk-free period of 24 hours are supposed to pay a flight change fee to LATAM.
  3. Flight changes can only be made if a flight is available on the selected date.
  4. Free flight changes can also be made if a scheduled flight is delayed for more than 3 hours due to an airline’s fault.
  5. Many unfavourable medical situations do not allow travellers to stick to their travel plans; in that case, ticket holders can inform the airline and change their bookings, skipping the flight change fees.
  6. If any LATAM Airlines ticket holder is a member of the loyalty program member or insurance holder, he is exempted from paying the flight change fee.  

How do I change my seat on Latam Flight?

Those ticket holders of LATAM Airlines who want to make seat changes can refer to the online instructions given below to reserve their preferred seat option:

  • Visit the official LATAM Airlines website.
  • Press the option stating “My trips”.
  • As you reach the section to manage your bookings, you must fill in details like the passenger’s last name and reservation code.
  • Finally, click the seat selection or change option once you obtain your ticket.
  • You will be displayed available seat options on LATAM aircraft. You can pick the preferred seat option.
  • Make a payment; soon, you will obtain information regarding the selected seat in your email.

 How much does it cost to change a ticket in Latam?

Travellers must pay additional charges as flight change fees to LATAM Airlines if they wish to make changes. This cost might vary according to the time travellers change and their travel routes. They are expected to pay $50-$250 for flight change. It must be noted flight change fees also fluctuate according to travel class and domestic and international destinations.

Can I request a flight change at the Latam airport counter?

Flight changes can also be requested after reaching the airport. If your flight is delayed or you encounter any condition that alters your travel plan, you can head to the LATAM Airlines counter and request the concerned representative to make changes. You must ensure you handle the correct booking information to the representative. The representative will check for the flight availability to the selected destination and make your arrangements.  

How do I contact LATAM Airlines to change my seat?

Travellers who cannot change their seats or are confused about selecting seats on LATAM Airlines can get through customer services. They can dial the LATAM phone number, 1 (866) 435-9526, and proceed with the automated steps to get through the representative handling seat selection. They must handle booking information to discover their tickets and provide seat preferences. The airline representative will look for the available seat options and make arrangements according to the caller's requirements. Finally, seat selection or change fees can be made online.

How far in advance can I change my seat on Latam?

Ticket holders can make seat changes anytime from making a reservation up to 48 hours before flight departure. Travellers can change seats online or reach the airport counter to request changes. Seats can only be changed if preferred seats are available. It is wise to make seat selections or changes as early as possible, as seats quickly get occupied; hence, preferred seat options remain unavailable.  

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