Latam Airlines Business Class Upgrade Terms & How to Contact

If you want to upgrade your seat at LATAM Airlines, as you have the premium class or economy ticket, then the best option to upgrade for your next best travel, like business class, would be possible only at the time when you have complete information regarding the Latam business class upgrade, because if you have the information in reference with the upgrade to business class, then you will appropriately get through the procedure at LATAM Airlines.

  1. Upgrading to business class at LATAM Airlines is possible depending on your elite category and the time you apply.
  2. A business class upgrade is possible only when seats are available.
  3. Note that, as per the LATAM Airlines business class upgrade rules, you need to apply for the upgrade 48 hours before the scheduled departure, as submissions made at the airport will not be accepted.
  4. Moreover, when you complete the upgrade procedure at LATAM Airlines business class, the airline will automatically notify you by sending a confirmation email or SMS to the registered phone number.

How do I upgrade to first class in LATAM?

If you need to upgrade to first class at LATAM Airlines from any lower-purchased class seat, it is best to know the online procedure, using the steps below for your reference.

  • Go to the official site of LATAM Airlines
  • Now click on the login tab and mention the necessary information
  • Next, select the upgrade tab, which is available on the page
  • Further, you need to enter your booking details, such as the confirmation code and last name of the passenger
  • Meanwhile, select the upgrade tab and choose the first-class option
  • Ahead of which, you have the seat map tool to choose and accordingly get your seat chosen
  • Finally, you proceed with the ticket payment, and once complete, you receive a confirmation email.

How much does it cost to upgrade a seat in LATAM?

If you are not satisfied with the seat provided by LATAM Airlines, you can start the seat upgrade process and choose your next preferred seat for flying comfortably to your desired destination. There are several ways to upgrade your seat, but you will also need to pay the necessary charges for the upgrade, which will start from approximately $25 to $50.

Can I request for seat upgrade at the LATAM airport counter?

Yes, you can upgrade your LATAM airline flight ticket at the airport counter. However, you must complete the upgrade process at the airport 24 hours before your scheduled departure and before the check-in gate closes. Note that an upgrade at the airport counter is possible only if the chosen class seats are available.

How do I contact LATAM to upgrade my seat?

To contact LATAM Airlines to upgrade a seat or class, the contact number you can use to call shall be 1-866-435-9526. You have just to make a direct onto the number and follow the prompts, and you will have to provide the assistant with some of the necessary ticket details, once complete, you will retain help accordingly.

Is it easy to upgrade to business class at the LATAM airport counter?

Yes, LATAM Airline passengers are also given the option of upgrading their seats at the airport because sometimes you aren't getting through. You can upgrade over the online or call option. The last option is at the airport counter of LATAM, as you might have to pay extra charges or else, depending on availability.

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