Southwest Airlines Burbank Phone Number | Ways to Contact

Usually, Southwest places your journey from Burbank daily; many flights operate from here. If your flight is also scheduled, you must be looking forward to knowing the techniques to reach the Southwest Airlines Burbank support team, which can iron out a few things. Please consider them via the given points;

Dial the digits and connect.

You can reach the airline executive at Burbank Airport by dialing their digits 1 (800) 435-9792. After that, you will find some IVRs, and the agents will be assigned based on your preference. However, you need to cite all the queries appropriately.

Write the issues and send them via the chat.

You can also pick up a live chat method if you cannot approach the executive via phone. You can consider approaching the agent of  Southwest Airlines Burbank Airport by following the steps;

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • On that concerned tab, look for the section “Help.”
  • The chat box will come, tap, brief, and send the concerns.

What is the Terminal Number of Southwest Airlines at Hollywood Burbank Airport?

Many people have reserved their journey with Southwest and have their flights from Burbank airport. This causes them to know the Terminal number at the concerned airport as this enables them to avoid any chances of missing a flight and checking in on time. So, you are advised to take a look at the points after which you will be able to know the concerned terminal;

All Southwest Airlines operations occur at Terminal 1.

However, the terminal number varies periodically, so you are advised to approach the executive before heading towards the airport.

How do I Compose an email to Southwest Airlines?

You can also frame all the concerns, such as baggage allowance, check-in rules, flight timings, terminal number, and other factors, via You need to compose your email in a structured way so the agents can understand the concern and offer proper resolutions.

What is the Mailing Address of Burbank Airport?

Suppose you could not upload any document that might have been asked when making a reservation, and the airlines ask you to send them to their mailing address, or you have to send any comments, suggestions, recommendations, etc., to the address. Still, you need to learn about the same. So, you are advised to take a look at the points that are described below; please have a look:

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, USA.

How do I Communicate with Burbank Airport Authority?

Suppose you wish to communicate with the Burbank Airport authority to know the rules and policies such as senior citizen, student discount, and other associated factors. In that case, you are suggested to dial their contact number (818) 795-6087, where in a few minutes over a call, the agent will be assigned who will iron out a few things.

What is the Lost and Found department number of Burbank Airport?

Suppose you have not found your baggage or found someone else’s baggage or anything. You are advised to report immediately to Burbank Airport's lost and found department via dialing (818) 729-2231; this department is located at Terminal 2. If you cannot approach them, you must visit the airport to place your request or a complaint.

Operational hours of Southwest at Burbank Airport.

Generally, all Southwest Airlines operations begin from 5 AM till 9:30 PM. So, if you reach them above or earlier than this time, you may not find any assistance.

How early do you check in at Burbank Airport?

As per the recommendations, you must be at the airport for at least 3 hours before an International flight and 2 hours for domestic.

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