Gulf Air Baggage Policy, Bags Size Dimension - Fees Details

Gulf Air is a flag carrier of Bahrain, and the Airline offers some baggage policies to interested travelers who want to use their flight services. Travelers should know the Gulf Air baggage policy in detail before carrying any additional items on the flights. The essential baggage policies of Gulf Air are highlighted in the following points.

  • Travelers are not allowed to carry irregularly shaped baggage. It should be in a specific shape like rectangular, cuboidal, square, etc.
  • They cannot carry baggage wrapped in a fabric or blanket only.
  • No circular-shaped baggage is allowed at Gulf Air. It should be in a flat shape.
  • Also, baggage with loose strips, plastic, and matted woven are prohibited from carrying in the Airlines.
  • The product's dimensions should be at most 158 cm and at least 215 cm. Otherwise, it will be remarked as "oversize" baggage and charged depending on the extra baggage pieces.
  • Cardboard boxes, suitcases, briefcases, and prepackaged electrical equipment, except Televisions, are allowed with specific dimensions only.
  • Only plastic wrapping at the Airport is accepted for suitcases, bags, and boxes.

What size baggage is allowed on Gulf Air?

The particular baggage size is allowed on Gulf Air which every traveler needs to acknowledge before carrying any item on the flights. The mentioned points will give more clarification about its dimensions.

  • The acceptable maximum baggage or Cardboard size, which is permissible at Gulf Air, is 76cm x 51cm x 31cm.
  • Travelers can carry television only if their size is less than 50 inches.
  • Also, the baggage weight is more than 23 kg carrying a heavy tag. On the marked tags, it mentions the actual weight.
  • Any single item in the baggable should be at most 32 kg. If the baggage weight is over 32 kg, it is repackaged with some less weight so that it can be accepted at the Airport.

How many fees do I pay for overweight bags on Gulf Air?

Travelers need to pay extra charges for overweight bags on the Gulf Air. The costs may vary depending on the weight. But, the overall charges levied on heavy baggage are approximately $45 to $150.

What weight baggage is allowed on gulf air for students?

Gulf Air offered some facilities, free check-in baggage, and ticketed baggage allowances. The eligible students are requested to carry valid student ID, visa, and university acceptance letter at check-in at the Airport. Students traveling anywhere except Bahrain are suitable for 9 kg additional complimentary weights per piece. Some other baggage allowances for students are

  • If student tickets allow only one part, the weight should be 32 kg.
  • If student tickets allow two pieces, the total weight is at most 32 kg per piece.
  • Maximum two amounts are permitted for complimentary students whether they have purchased ticket baggage allowance.

What are baggage size dimensions for children and Infants?

The baggage size for children aged two years or older has the same allowance as adults. A child stroller/pushchair is also permitted for some small children.

But, infants under two years can obtain a single piece of 15 kg checked baggage plus a child stroller. Also, they are eligible for one cabin baggage of 45cm x 35cm x 20cm.

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