Air Transat Flight Change Policy & Fee | 24 hours Changes

Air Transat is a Canadian-based Airline that flies to 60 international destinations in more than 25 countries and offers domestic and connecting flights within Canada. You have a connecting flight reservation from Canada to Europe and want to change the Flight.

In this case, passengers can go through the air transat flight change policy and read the terms and conditions of Air Transat or call customer care representatives.

  • Air Transat change policy applies to the change, or cancellation may vary with the fare types.
  • Passengers can only use a debit or credit card payment for changing flights on the website or over the call.
  • If a passenger paid for seat selection, the amount will be refunded.
  • Passengers can make changes 24 hours before the departure flight time.

If the change of destination flight ticket charges is high as compared to the previous ticket, passengers have to pay the remaining amount.

How do I change my Flight on Air Transat?

You can change flights on Air Transat according to the fares of the ticket. If you have booked Eco Budget, you can not make any changes as it's not allowed and non - refundable. You have a reservation for Eco Standard and Eco-Flex; your ticket can change without any fee. You can make changes within 24 hours of booking without fees if you have Club standard and Club Flex reservations. Follow the steps to make changes online:

  • First, visit the official website of Air Transat.
  • Click on contact us.
  • Select Manage your booking.
  • You will see options like modify a reservation, cancel your reservation and change or cancel your reservation.
  • You can proceed further according to your requirement, change the reservation or cancel the reservation.

How much does Air Transat charge for the date and flight change?

Air Transat Charge according to the Fare types you have reserved; Air Transat Flight change fee for Eco Standard airline charge 100 USD, Eco-Flex charge 200 USD, and Club Standard charge 100 USD. Eco Budget doesn't allow change, and Club Flex allows change without fees. It depends on the ticket you booked.

How many times can I change my Air Transat flight for free?

Passengers who have reservations for Eco Budget cannot change Air Transat flights; those who have reservations for Eco Standard and Eco flex can change Flights without fees. Once after that, you have to pay for the flight change. Club Standard and Club Flex can change the Flight for free only once; after that, you must pay according to your selected fare.

Can I Change my Air Transat flights within 24 hours?

Yes, you can change Air Transat flights within 24 hours of purchase for all flights at zero cost. When you are in the process of Air Transat flight change, it allows you to modify your flight ticket without penalty up to 24 hours before departure and pay the difference in fare at the time of re-booking.   

How can I contact Air Transat Customer Service for a flight change?

When contacting Air Transat customer service for a flight change process, you can dial 1-877-872-6728 and share your booking details to change a flight. Also, contact Air Transat customer service representatives using a live chat service.

  • First, visit the booking website Air Transat and select the contact us mode shown above on the same page.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, select the live chat section you can use as a messenger or guest, and select your language.
  • Go to the menu to select the services and queries, choose the flight change option, and select modify and cancel tab.
  • Enter your first and last name, email address, and postal code number to start chatting with a representative on the live chat service.

What are the flight change fees of Air Transat for international flights?

When you travel with Air Transat international flights and select an Economy fare ticket, you must pay the flight change fee penalty. Check the fee, which may vary from as low as $75 on a domestic flight to more than $400 on an international flight, and change your flight.

How do I change my Air Transat flight via email?

Change your flight using an email service and easily share your booking details to modify your flight at If you desire to change your Air Transat flight via email, Learn the methods below.

  • First, visit the Air Transat flight booking website and select the contact us section at the left of the same page.
  • Go to the manage booking section, select the modify and cancel tab, and select the website and email service.
  • Enter your booking details with a request to change your flight on Ait Transat and conveniently get the message of flight change.

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