Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Methods, Cost and Terms Info

The information about Hawaiian Airlines seat selection terms & conditions is essential as it will help you know whether you can make the seat selection without paying charges. If you are looking to make seat selection but are unaware of the terms & conditions, you will get complete details by reading below.

  • You can select the seat within 24 hours of the reservation without paying any charges.
  • The seat selection on Hawaiian Airlines depends upon availability; if no seat is vacant, the airline will allow you the seat at check-in time.
  • If any disabled passengers travel with you, you are not entitled to select the seat in the front row or near an emergency. If you want any special seat for disabled passengers, you must show their health-related documents.
  • If you do not make the seat selection until check-in, airlines will allot your seat automatically.

What is the process of choosing a seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

You can use the Hawaiian Airlines official website to select the seat; if you do not have details about the process, you can go through the points below.

  • Look for the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Visit the manage booking section and provide the details of your last name with the booking reference number.
  • Tap on the seat selection option and select the seat.
  • Lastly, save the details.

 What types of seat classes are provided by Hawaiian Airlines?

There are different types of seats provided by Hawaiian Airlines form, which you must select to get services at your convenience. You can go through the Hawaiian Airlines classes below if you do not know them.

Extra comfort: While selecting this seat type, you will get the option of priority screening on some destinations, such as Las Vegas, San Fransico, Honolulu, and Oakland. You will also get a personal power outlet, comfort kit, more legroom seats, early access to an overhead bin, etc.

Premium cabin: This is the finest seating option in Hawaiian Airlines as in this seat type, you will receive a 180degree fully flat recline seat, USB ports, full AC power for every seat, access to Plumeria lounge, exclusive amenities, and every other service of other classes.

Main cabin: This is the most favorable seat for regular travelers as they will get standard legroom, including complimentary meals and free flight entertainment.

How much do I have to pay for seat selection on Hawaiian Airlines?

The amount for seat selection will vary as per class, but you need to pay between 75 USD to 200 USD.

Can I request seat selection at the airport counter of Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, you can request a seat at the airport counter, and if any traveler is traveling with a disability, you can only select the seat from the airport. You have to reach the airport counter of Hawaiian Airlines and provide travel details to the representative; then, the representative will help you select the seat.

How do I Communicate with Hawaiian Airlines for seat selection?

Before making the seat selection, if you want information or the help of a representative for seat selection, you can reach out to their customer service team. To reach customer service for Hawaiian Airlines seat selection, call 1 (800) 367-5320 and select IVR relevant to your issues.

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