How to contact with Air Arabia Customer Service Executive?

Air Arabia offers services and facilities that its passengers praise. Sometimes, you must get their assistance due to your mistake or the airline's ignorance. In that case, you look for ways to connect with them and wonder how do I contact Air Arabia. Connecting with the airline is possible through phone calls, live chat, social media, email, etc. To get more knowledge, read the information below.

How to connect with Air Arabia through a phone call?

Whenever we book any airline's flight ticket, we wonder about their services and facilities, customer-centric approach, etc., which confuses us. To get help, the passenger should reach the airline's customer care. The best mode to connect is through a phone call. To connect, dial 0906 711 0009. You will be charged £0.50 / min.

Does Air Arabia provide live chat support?

Live chat support is provided by almost all airlines, including Air Arabia. The airline's Live chat feature is free and can be used by going to the airline's official website. Live chatting has made it easier for passengers to connect with the airline and discuss their queries in a detailed and structured manner. To seek assistance through live chat, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the airline's website.
  • Click contact us.
  • A live chat icon will appear.
  • Click on it.
  • Use the chat box to send the query.
  • Wait for the live chat assistant to be available.
  • Once connected, get a solution.

What is the WhatsApp Number of Air Arabia for contacting?

Air Arabia WhatsApp number is +971 600 508001. Since WhatsApp has become the preferred choice among passengers, the airline has made its account on it. Passengers can request direct assistance through WhatsApp and get a written solution for their problem. Seeking assistance via WhatsApp is easy, as you only must send your query to the airline's Whatsapp number.

How do I contact Air Arabia by email?

To contact Air Arabia via email, use  or email address to submit your concern, query, or question. Attach every relevant document to provide support to your query. If you do not prefer sending emails, you can utilize the email form available on the airline's official website. To use the email form, follow the steps below:
Navigate to the airline's 'Contact Us webpage.

  • Choose email us among the available contact options.
  • Now choose among complaints, questions, and claims.
  • Submit the form after filling it out.
  • Wait for the response.

Can I contact Air Arabia via social media?

The airline's social media account can be used to get the latest updates on the airline and to get answers to their queries. The airline’s social media team is highly active in responding to queries and supporting passengers through their travel journey. Once you have navigated to the Contact Us page, click on the social media app you want to use to connect with the airline. Log in with your credentials and DM your query or concern.

Which daytime is best to call Air Arabia customer service?

The airline's customer care team is available between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., all days of the week. The appropriate time to connect with them is either morning before 10 am or night after 9 pm daily.

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