What to do When You Lost Boarding Pass Before Flight

If a person has their scheduled departure soon but has lost their boarding pass, the passengers may not be allowed to board their scheduled flight since the airport staff will not allow them to drop their baggage at the counter. Then, they will not be eligible to go through the boarding security check-in gates. However, many airlines provide some ways to the passengers by which they can reprint or download their boarding passes again. You can go through the information in this blog to learn more.

How do I get my boarding pass again?

Sometimes, a person makes a flight check-in online and prints their mobile boarding pass. They may have lost their printed boarding pass, and now they are curious about what they can do if the Boarding Pass Lost and hasn’t gone through the security gate yet. In this situation, passengers with any airline ticket can return to their airline check-in counter at the airport. Then, they can reprint their boarding pass with the help of a kiosk, which is a self-service machine, or inform the airline official present at the airport if there are no kiosks available.

  • People who have already gone through the security check-in and have lost their boarding pass can go to the departure gate and ask the airline agent to reprint the mobile boarding pass.
  • Passengers who have lost their boarding pass must have their valid reservation ticket and a valid passport and should have already done flight check-in.
  • Travelers can reach out to their nearby airline help desk office and then ask for the traveling certification, which contains some necessary details like departure date, PNR number, and E-ticket number.
  • Passengers are recommended to do flight check-in on time and must present at the boarding gate on time as it is a difficult task since the travelers must also present their passport and ID card again to confirm their identity.
  • Contacting the airline customer service staff will help you board your flight manually in the situation when you lose your boarding pass.

Can I use my phone boarding pass for TSA?

Passengers with a printed mobile boarding pass should be aware of the airline policy that TSA officers present at the airport will not accept the printed version since the technology will not recognize it, so a mobile boarding pass must be only on the phone. Passengers can show boarding passes on phones, iPads, or Apple watches and a valid identification form to the TSA precheck agent at the security to proceed with flight boarding.

What charges do I have to pay for a new boarding pass?

Passengers will reprint their boarding passes since they have lost their previous hoarding passes, so in this situation, some airlines charge a fee of $50. This fee can be charged by the airline customer service on call or at the airport for downloading and printing their boarding pass again.

Can I Fly without a boarding pass?

Nowadays, every airline and airport has different guidelines and policies. However, one rule is still applied in most airports: travelers are not allowed to go through airport security gates and circulate in the terminal without having a valid reservation ticket or boarding pass due to some valid reasons like terror threats and other security concerns. However, some exceptions can be made in which a non-passenger can pass through airport security without having a boarding pass. As per almost every airline rule, people may not be allowed to board a flight without a boarding pass.

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