How do I Upgrade Business Class in Air Canada?

Sometimes you have booked your flight, selected your seat and everything, and suddenly change your mind and think of upgrading your flight ticket. The reason might be anything, as the upgraded class will serve the upgraded facilities, making your journey experience even better and more comfortable. However, if you want to know how to go through an Air Canada business class upgrade, you should know the procedure and the steps. If you know the procedure, you can upgrade your flight ticket easily and quickly. The procedures to upgrade the flight ticket are mentioned below:

Through Phone Call: You can speak to the customer executive on the phone and ask them to upgrade your flight by providing the details of your ticket:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada.
  • Click on Customer Support and get to the contact page.
  • The phone numbers for each query will be given.
  • Speak to the live person and upgrade your flight ticket.

Through Manage Booking: It is simple, and you can upgrade it yourself without any help from customer service:

  • Go to the official website of Air Canada.
  • Select Manage Booking from the Book option given at the top.
  • Then fill in your flight details, such as the booking reference and the last name.
  • Navigate to Menu and select upgrade from the flight options.
  • Select the class and seat and follow the further instructions.
  • Pay the upgrade charges if applicable, and the new ticket with the changes will be sent to your registered email address.

Does Air Canada allow upgrades?

Yes, under some terms and conditions, Air Canada allows an upgrade, and to do a stress-free upgrade, you need to know these guidelines, which are mentioned in the flight upgrade policy of Air Canada:

  • You must upgrade your flight ticket 24 hours before the flight.
  • Late flight tickets will have higher upgrade charges.
  • You can choose the auto upgrade option at the time of reservation so that your flight will be upgraded automatically later when available.
  • With the upgraded seat, you can access better facilities, food choices, more baggage allowance, etc..
  • The charges for flight upgrades depend on the destination, time of upgrade, and fare difference.

Does Air Canada upgrade for free?

No, Air Canada does not allow passengers to upgrade their tickets, but you must pay a certain amount. However, the business class can do the upgrade without paying any charges, but they have to pay the fare difference.

How much does it cost to upgrade in Air Canada?

Upgrading to the premium economy will cost you $50 to $300 per passenger, and if you upgrade your flight ticket to business class, it will cost $600 to $900 apart from the fare difference, which you have to pay separately.

Is it cheaper to upgrade flight at check-in?

No, flight upgrades at the check-in will be counted under the last-minute upgrades, which will be higher in price and fare difference.

Can you upgrade with Air Canada at the gate?

Only passengers with Aeroplan Elite Status can upgrade their flight ticket at the gate on the day of departure. However, they have to pay the increased upgrade charges for it.

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