What is the Royal Air Maroc Business Class Upgrade Policy? Info

If you have booked an economy class flight ticket on royal air maroc, you want to upgrade to Business Class as they offer maximum comfort instead of other classes. Before upgrading the itinerary, kindly check the royal air maroc business class upgrade policy to know all the pros and cons of it. Some of the essential points are explained here.

  • The Airline allows travelers to carry Baggage of 2 to 23 kg; if your baggage limit exceeds, the charges may apply, depending on the additional Baggage's destination or weight.
  • You will enjoy priority check-in, fast track during the security check, and access to the VIP Lounge at the Airport.
  • Travelers get the benefits of priority boarding as well.
  • If you upgraded the ticket, it is transferable but cannot be combined.

How do I upgrade my seat on Royal Air Maroc?

You must read the given process for a passenger wanting to upgrade their Royal Air Maroc seat.

  • First, the Traveler should log in to your registered Account to verify that you have sufficient Award Miles.
  • Fill in the required data in the Request an Award form by selecting the upgrade award.
  • You will receive the confirmation in the correct email within 72 hours of the request.

What fees do I have to pay for a seat upgrade on Royal Air Maroc?

You should pay for the upgrade, which depends on the destination or choice of route, as prices may vary according to different distances. Some of the specific destination upgrade prices are discussed below. The discussed prices in miles are for one-way trips only.

  • A passenger who holds a booked ticket to Morocco and wants to upgrade must pay 3750 miles.
  • For Europe 1, you should pay 7000 miles for a one-way trip.
  • Europe 2 and Africa 1 will charge around 12000 miles.
  • Travelers need to pay 15000 miles for Africa 2.
  • For those traveling to Africa 3, the Middle East, America, and Asia, customers should pay 20,000 miles to upgrade to Business Class.

Can I upgrade my seat on Royal Air Maroc at the Airport counter?

Yes, airlines provide the facility to their passengers to upgrade the booked itinerary seat to Business class or premium class at the Royal Air Maroc Airport Counter before 24 hours of the Scheduled Departure. For further queries related to upgrade charges or processes, contact their customer service team through the Airline support team number. Else you can use their self-service to upgrade the seat via head towards the Royal Air Maroc official website.

How can I upgrade my seat on Royal Air Maroc for free?

Airlines provide free upgradation under a few circumstances only; if passengers are looking for a free upgrade on Royal Air Macor, you must lie under these categories.

  • Passengers can change seats for free within the same class for up to 24 hours of booking.
  • Airlines offer free upgrades at the last minute to sell the ticket before the flight's departure.
  • Either customer can use travel vouchers to get the seat upgrade for free.

How do I upgrade my seat on Royal Air Maroc after check-in?

Yes, travelers can upgrade their seats at the last minute through the Airport help desk. You should visit the Royal Air Maroc airport customer service office and ask them to upgrade the itinerary. The support team member will ask for the existing reservation details and check the availability of the business class seat on the scheduled flight. If there is, they will allow the seat and proceed with payment, and you will receive the confirmation.

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