How Can I Communicate with Royal Air Maroc from Heathrow?

If you have made your bookings from Heathrow London at Royal Air Maroc and hope to collect all the required details which you will be required during your travel, further will find that essential information. You need to acquire the contact details for the situation when you need support from an official or should know the terminal to board your flight.

Airport Name: Heathrow Airport

Airport Address: Longford TW6, United Kingdom

Airport Code: LHR

Airport WMO Code:03772

Airport Website:

What is the Royal Air Maroc Heathrow Phone Number?

If you need to know the Royal Air Maroc Heathrow Phone Number for connecting with an official person, you can use the number +44-844-335-1801. You can take the information you like and get the solution to your queries.

What terminal does Royal Air Maroc fly?

Royal Air Maroc flies from Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. All domestic and international flights are scheduled from the same airport, and the flyer should reach on time to board their flight.

When should I reach Heathrow Airport for the Royal Air Maroc Airport check-in?

If you have a domestic flight booking at Royal Air Maroc, you must reach the airport 2 hours early at the airport for your convenience. And if you have a booking for an international flight, reaching the airport 3 hours before departure will be better.

At Heathrow, where is the Royal Air Maroc office situated?

The Royal Air Maroc office is situated in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. You can reach the office to communicate with their official regarding your various queries. You will receive real-time support by reaching the Royal Air Maroc office. You can also use the phone number 1 (800) 344-6726 to speak with a person at the office.

How do I get in touch with Royal Air Maroc via email?

If you wish to get in touch with Royal Air Maroc via email, you must drop your email at You can share your questions in the email and explain your issues. An official from customer service will get back to you within 48 hours.

Why Should I Contact Royal Air Maroc at Heathrow Airport?

The services for which you can contact the Royal Air Maroc at Heathrow Airport are listed below:

  • For reservation: You can contact them to make a reservation or take related information.
  • For cancellation and modification: You can also take assistance from a person when you are required to cancel or modify your reservation.
  • For special assistance: You should reach an official to attain special assistance for your travel with Royal Air Maroc.
  • For Parking booking: You can book a spot in advance at the Heathrow Airport parking to save time by contacting customer service.
  • For lost and found: You can also file a lost and found report reaching the officials of Royal Air Maroc at Heathrow Airport.

What is the counter number of Royal Air Maroc at the airport

If you are wondering if to contact the counter number of Royal Air Maroc at the Airport, then you can use this number, 020-730-758-00. This number is available for 24 hours.

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