How do I Communicate with Royal Air Maroc at Istanbul Airport?

Royal Air Maroc is the national airline of Morocco. If you have flown with it, you must know its top-notch services. It operates flights to over 90 destinations all over the world. One of the airports that handle its flight operations is Istanbul Airport. It is the city's leading international airport and ensures its customers' comfort. For this purpose, it has highly experienced customer service that provides on-time and appropriate assistance. The following article consists of information about Royal Air Maroc at Istanbul Airport.  

  • Royal Air Maroc Istanbul Airport office: you can get help by visiting their office address at Royal Air Maroc Airport Counter, Istanbul Airport, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Royal Air Maroc Istanbul Airport contact: if you can't reach the office address, you can also contact Royal Air Maroc Istanbul Airport phone number +90-21224132-63. It is easier and also a time-saver method to contact the airline and get help.
  • Royal Air Maroc IST Airport terminal: the airline operates its flights at the main terminal at the airport.
  • Working hours: you can get immediate assistance 24 hours a day on all days of the week.

How do I contact someone at IST Airport?

If you are witnessing any difficulty at Istanbul Airport, you can contact its customer service and get it solved. The most rational and quickest way to contact them is to call their official phone number. Call 4441442, and you will hear the following IVR options.

  • Press 1 to get your flight information.
  • Press 2 to get special assistance.
  • Press 3 for parking information.
  • Press 4 other inquiries.
  • Press 5 to hear the menu again.

Can I contact Istanbul Airport customer support via Whatsapp?

WhatsApp has become one of the vastly used chatting platforms in recent years. It is mainly because it is easy to understand and saves time. You can connect with Istanbul Airport on WhatsApp and get information or solutions. Follow the given steps to reach its WhatsApp chat.

  • Visit the airport’s website,
  • Click the WhatsApp option on the homepage.
  • You will be directed to the WhatsApp chat at the airport.
  • Begin chatting and get the required help.

Where is the Lost and Found department situated at the airport?

Suppose you have lost any of your belongings at the Istanbul airport. In that case, you can report it to the Lost and Found department at the Terminal Departing Passenger Floor or in front of the C3 gate after the Passport Control Point.

How do I contact IST airport via email?

An alternate method to get in touch with Istanbul Airport customer service is to send an email to its official email address. What you have to do is compose an email mentioning your issue and send it to You shall get a reply from the airport within 48 to 72 hours.

How early do I have to reach the airport for check-in?

Arriving at the airport on time is necessary to complete the formalities for boarding a flight. To complete your check-in, you are advised to reach the airport at least 2 hours and 3 hours before departure for domestic and international flights, respectively.

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