How can I Get in Touch with Royal Air Maroc from Monrovia?

The Monrovia Airport is the busiest and most important airport in offering the best facility in the nation. In addition, it can also operate many airlines departing from its terminals, Terminal A and Terminal B. Therefore, if you also choose this airport to fly over the world by Royal Air Maroc flight, it is a good and best option. Due to this, you can take the reliable and best facility while flying. However, before flying with this, you want to acquire some information but don’t know how to take it, so by contacting them, you can readily take any information. For that, you must get through the below content.

Dial Royal Air Maroc Monrovia phone number:  You can communicate with the airline airport person by dialing Royal Air Maroc Monrovia phone number, which is +231 77 795 6956. 

Send a post to the airline airport address- you can write a post with all queries at Roberts International Airport, 6JRW+3J4, Harbel, Liberia.

Reach at the Air Maroc Monrovia office- In addition, by meeting with the direct person of the Royal Air Maroc Monrovia office person at Roberts International Airport, 6JRW+3J4, Harbel, Liberia. You can get any assistance from them and figure out all difficulties. 

Send an email: the support person will also solve your difficulties by responding to the email. Therefore, you must compose an email requesting assistance in any query and send it to

How many terminals have at Monrovia airport?

The Monrovia Airport has two terminals which are Terminal A and Terminal B.

How do I communicate with someone at Monrovia airport?

Moreover, you can directly communicate with someone at the Monrovia Airport in many ways. For that, you must get through the below methods that are situated below.

Call Monrovia Airport- for that, go to the Monrovia Airport website and find the contact page. Click on it. After that, find the phone number, and take it. Dial (+231) 88 694 2295. Then, the call can be converted into an IVR call; you must listen carefully.

  • Press 1 to make assistance in any preferred language
  • Press 2 to take the information related to the Lost & found baggage
  • To claim compensation, press 3
  • Press 4 to request a special assistance
  • Press 5 to communicate directly with the Monrovia Airport person
  • To get the upcoming flight information, press 6
  • Press 7 regarding your flight status
  • Press 8 to take the parking services

To communicate with the customer service person at Monrovia Airport, you need to press 5. And by dialing this number, you can quickly sort out all queries. 

How many hours before I have to reach the airport for check-in?

If you are searching for how early and how many hours before you reach the airport for check-in, according to the airport policy, you must reach the airport for the international flight 3 hours before flying the flight. In contrast, for the domestic flight, you must arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure. 

Does the airport have a lounges facility?

Yes, the airport has a lounges facility which you can attain at a low range with food, drinks, Wifi, comfy seating arrangements, entertainment, meals, additional assistance, or things free of cost. 

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