Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, Process, and Fee

As per the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you get 24 hours to cancel the booking for free and get a full refund if the departure date is seven days later. The 24-hour policy applies to all booking and fare types, regardless of fare conditions.

  • If you don't cancel the ticket within the risk-free period, you might need to pay certain cancellation charges based on the fare conditions.
  • You can get a refund for refundable tickets even after the risk-free period. At the same time, non-refundable fares are not eligible for a refund if you cancel the booking after 24 hours.

How can I cancel my Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket?

If you wish to cancel your Hawaiian Airlines ticket, here are the quick steps you can follow:

  • Get on the Hawaiian Airlines website https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/ and log in
  • You can also visit the 'My Trip' section to access your bookings
  • Enter the confirmation number and surname, and you can get booking details
  • Select the ticket you want to cancel and click on the cancel reservation
  • Provide the reason for cancellation and follow prompts to complete the process

If, for some reason, you cannot cancel the booking online, you can also speak to the reservation departments at 1-800-367-5320 and request them to cancel the booking on your behalf.

How much does it cost to cancel Hawaiian Airlines flight tickets?

Hawaiian Airlines allow you to cancel the ticket for free if you complete the cancellation formalities within the same day of booking. If you cancel the booking later, you might need to pay the cancellation charges of around $ 100 to $ 500 based on your ticket type, route, and other factors.

How can I cancel my flight ticket on Hawaiian Airlines without paying?

If you wish to cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket without paying, complete the cancellation within 24 hours of booking and ensure your booking is made seven days or more before departure. You can cancel the booking by visiting the My Trip section on the website and speaking to the representative.

How many hours before I can cancel my flight ticket?

You can cancel the ticket immediately after the booking and at least 1-2 hours before the departure. When you cancel the booking, some cancellation charges apply. However, the cancellation is free if you complete the cancellation process within 24 hours of booking. Besides, the more you cancel tickets close to departure, the higher the cancellation charges.

How do I get a refund after canceling the ticket?

As per Hawaiian Airlines' cancellation policy, when you cancel the ticket within 24 hours, your refund is automatically credited to your original payment mode. However, in case you do it later, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Get on the https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/ and click on the 'contact us link
  • On the support page, enter 'Refund' on the search bar and search for it
  • Click on the link 'Make a request
  • On the new page, you get a form on screen; select the topic 'Refund' and the subtopic.
  • Now fill in the details on the refund form and submit it
  • The Hawaiian Airlines team will review your refund request, and if applicable, they will initiate it soon

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