Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy and Cancellation Fees info

When booking with Frontier, knowing the cancellation policies is essential if an individual cannot fly to the scheduled destination. Beneath the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy has been mentioned for you to consider:

  • The passengers are permitted to cancel their tickets before the take-off time of the booked flight.
  • Frontier imposes the cancellation fee for those who cancel the ticket after passing the 24-hour purchase time frame.
  • Canceling a ticket within 24 hours from the time of purchase will be without any fee.
  • An individual who requires to cancel a ticket due to a delay in boarding time equal to and more than 3 hours can also avail free of cost cancellation.
  • Any cancellation due to medical issues of the passenger and close family member can also be canceled for free by attaching the concerned medical documents.
  • For unavoidable situations like a court hearing of a passenger, a reason to cancel the Frontier Airlines booking can also be done without paying additional charges.

How do I cancel my Frontier Airlines flight ticket?

The Frontier Airlines website allows flight ticket holders to manage their booking. An individual can choose to cancel their ticket online anytime by pursuing the following procedure:

  • Head to the Frontier Airlines webpage,
  • Choose the “My Trips/Check-In” tab,
  • Enter the Last Name and Confirmation Code,
  • In a moment, the booking made with Frontier will show on the page,
  • You can find the “Cancel Flight” option and choose the reason,
  • Next, pay the cancellation fee with an online payment option,
  • Your booking with Frontier will be canceled successfully.

How Can I cancel my Frontier Airlines flight after check-in?

A person who has already checked in for their flight at Frontier Airlines and, due to an emergency, cannot board the flight. The airlines allow the passengers to cancel the ticket before the flight's departure time. One can easily cancel the booking from the “My Booking” section on Frontier’s site or by approaching an administrator at the help desk. A refund can only be obtained if the flight ticket is refundable.  

What fees do I have to pay for canceling a flight to Frontier Airlines?

The fee for canceling a Frontier Airlines flight is between $75 to $100. The fees are calculated depending on the flight route and the time of canceling the flight.

How do I contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service to cancel the ticket?

A person who wants to contact Frontier customer service to cancel their flight ticket with the help of an official can adhere to the following points:

  • Call the airlines using the number 720-902-3969,
  • It will take a few minutes to connect with an official at customer service,
  • After that, you can ask the person to cancel your ticket,
  • Then share the flight info like passenger name and confirmation code,
  • The official will access the booking and take a few more info from you,
  • The official will cancel the itinerary after you pay the applicable fees at Frontier.
  • For the successful cancellation of the ticket, you will get a notification on your number or email.

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