EL Al Flight Change Instructions and Online Procedure, Fees

EL AL is known to be one of the most reliable and safe airlines in the aviation world. Passengers board this airline due to its prominent inflight services. However, there are many incidents in which, after booking, passengers wish to change their tickets either due to a change of travel plans or inevitable emergencies. The airline has already framed several policies and terms and conditions for all those conditions.

Some of the most relevant and essential EL AL Flight Change policy are given below:

  • EL AL allows ticket holders to change their tickets within the initial 24 hours of flight reservations free of charge. And is even eligible to claim a refund.
  • If any passenger decides to change a booking after 24 hours of ticket purchase, he is liable to pay the flight change fee.
  • EL AL lets ticket holders change tickets for free if the reason behind the change is medical. Also, they must provide medical documents to support their concerns in that case.
  • If any traveler holds travel insurance or is a business class ticket purchaser, he can change the ticket, skipping paying flight change charges.
  • There are many cases in which EL AL flights get delayed in departing; in that case, airlines permit travelers to cancel their bookings and opt for another flight.

How can I change My EL AL FLIGHT?

EL AL allows travelers to change their booked tickets using straightforward online steps. Suppose any passenger, after bookings, comes across another flight option to his destination that saves his fares. In that case, he is eligible to change his initial booking using the online points described below:

  • Visit the website of EL AL Airlines.
  • Log into your EL AL account.
  • You must now go to the “manage my booking” section.
  • The passengers' E-ticket number and last name must be filled in to find the booking.
  • Once you get your reserved ticket, tap the flight change button.
  • Finally, tap on the confirmation checkbox.
  • If required, pay the flight-difference.

Does EL AL charge flight change fees?

Yes, EL AL charges flight change fees in many cases. If any traveler changes a flight after 24 hours of booking, he must pay a flight change fee. Travelers must note that they must pay flight change fees and fare differences for making changes.

Can I Change my EL AL Flight After Check-in?

Yes, flight changes can be made after check-in, but travelers must note that they are not permitted to make changes if the time remaining in flight departure is less than 2 hours. If you have already checked in online, you can still change.

How late can I Change my EL AL Airlines Flight?

If any traveler has decided to change a flight, he must make changes only up to 2 hours before the EL AL flight's scheduled departure. After that, airlines do not allow travelers to make any flight changes.

How many times can I change the EL AL flight for free?

Passengers can change their EL AL flight only up to 6 hours before departure. They can make changes for free only once. After that, they are required to pay flight change fees.

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