Virgin Australia Flight Change Cost and Policy

Suppose you have booked on Virgin Australia for a vacation, But After some time, your plan is changed, and you want to reschedule your flight booking. To Make changes to a Virgin Australia flight ticket, you must understand the policies related to the airline. You can read through the given terms and conditions and then make the changes:

  • Within 24 hours of the purchase, you can change the booking without penalty if the ticket has been bought before seven days.
  • After the 24-hour umbrella is over, the booking can change if it is a business or elite class booking; only then can you make the changes to the same without any extra cost.
  • If any booking is made with the airline and the airline gets canceled or elated, you can modify the booking for free. You can also put up a complaint and get compensation from the airline.
  • Change to the booking in case of a medical emergency is allowed without penalty.

How do I change my Virgin Australia Flight?

You can opt for the different change methods available for the changes you want to make with your reservation. You can read through the details below individually so that while making the changes, you will not have to be confused and can quickly finish the process.

Online Change Process: The online process is a better and easier method to make changes to your booking. You can read through the given steps and confirm the change you are looking to make.

Then, from the flights section, choose the manage your booking option and salvage the confirmed booking using the reservation number and the passenger's last name.

  • Press the menu icon and choose the change option.
  • Follow the process and then confirm the changes you are looking to make.
  • Then, if required, complete the payment, and then you shall receive the related email to your registered email address.

Online Process: The change you want to make can also be done through the online process. You can go through for help to make changes with a customer service expert from the airline. You can dial 1 800 253 8021 and connect with an airline executive for the desired change. Connect with the executive and thus make the changes you have.

What Fees do I have to pay for changing flights on Virgin Australia?

The change fee for a Virgin Australia Flight change shall vary from one ticket to another as it mostly depends on various factors, such as flight travel routes, booking type, destination, and many more. However, the average change cost shall range between $75 to $400.

How many times do I change my Virgin Australia flight without a fee?

Changes to the booking you hold without a fee can be made only once. More than that, you will have to pay the penalty. This shall vary from one ticket to another.

Can I request a flight change after check-in on Virgin Australia?

After checking in, only in a few cases, as per the fare rules of the booking, changes can be made if your ticket does not abide by the related rules, any change cannot be made.

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