Tap Air Portugal Business Class Upgrade Rules - Process info

According to the Tap Air Portugal business class upgrade policy, the upgrade happens at a fixed price to experience the benefits given by the airline in business class. As per the policy, you can upgrade up to 36 hours prior to the departure of the flight.  

The upgrade policy states that the auctions start in the last 24 hours prior to the flight departure schedule and approximately 60 minutes prior to the departure, but the upgrade offers are based on availability.

  • Auctions take place in real-time and live; you can check the mobile app.
  • You can see the status of your bid at the auction and the amount.
  • According to the airline, you can bid as many as possible.

How do I upgrade to business class on Tap Portugal?

You can upgrade to business class on Tap Portugal through an online method, which makes it accessible and gets your upgrade on your ticket quickly.

  1. You can move to the official page of Tap Portugal.
  2. After that, make the reservation according to your schedule and budget
  3. Then, choose your reservation, click, check on the upgrade bid tab, and enter the amount you are prepared to pay to travel in the business upgrade.
  4. You have submitted the bid request and await confirmation through email at your registered details.
  5. If your bid has been accepted, you need to pay the price; if you still need to, you will inform them regarding the decline of the request.

How much should you pay for a business class upgrade on Tap Air Portugal?

The payment amount depends on the availability and the bid you are registering for your trip. The Tap Upgrade auction will allow you to travel in business class. You can bid the amount you are willing to pay in cash or miles, and if the case is accepted, you will get confirmation from the team's side through email.

Can I Upgrade my Seat to business class on Tap Air Portugal at the Airport Counter?

You can upgrade your seat to Business class on Tap Air Portugal at the airport counter. These will be the fixed price upgrades available at the airport during check-in that is open till 2 hours before the flight departure on the basis of the purchase channel. You need to ask the team for additional information and upgrade availability, and then the team will provide the details. Based on that, pay for the upgrade, then grab the updated ticket.

  1. Upgrade must be done per flight journey and for all the customers in the reservation.
  2. If you wish to upgrade for only some of the customers in the reservation, you must connect with the TAP contact center on the agent at the airport.
  3. The amount that must be paid is nonrefundable, and the facility is linked to the booking. In case the check is, the upgrade will also be canceled.
  4. The fare of the original flight ticket remains the same.

Is it cheaper to book economy and then upgrade to business on Tap Air Portugal?

Yes, booking economy and then upgrading to business on Tap Air Portugal may be cheaper. You need to bid the amount for the higher class, and then after acceptance, you need to pay the price.

How do I Contact Tap Air Portugal to upgrade seats?

You can contact Tap Air Portugal to upgrade seats through a toll-free number (+351) 211234400, which is available for 24 hours and seven days. The number can be dialed from the preferred region, and you get the best possible guidance.

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