KLM Seat Selection Policy, Fees Details - How to Choose My Flight

Traveling to your desired destination on comfortable seats will make the trip more memorable and convenient. Most airlines provide several seat options, and KLM is one of them. If booking with KLM, you must follow their seat selection rule. If you need information about their seat selection rules, you will get complete information by reading below.

Seat selection rules of KLM airlines are below.

  • You can select the seat at the time of flight reservation or while making the check-in on your flight.
  • As per the seat selection rules, you can only select that vacant seat and the vacant seats marked in green.
  • Pregnant women and unaccompanied minors cannot select a seat new to the emergency exit.
  • Passengers who apply for special assistance in their bookings cannot select the seat in the front row and must show their relevant health documents to travel on their preferred seat.
  • If you do not select the seat even at the check-in time, the airlines will automatically allot you seats, and if you want to modify those seats, you need to pay the charges.

How can I choose my seat when booking a flight ticket?

The best way to KLM Airlines seat selection is to do it when booking the flight, and if you want to know the complete process, follow the below points.

  • Go to the official website of KLM airlines
  • Then click on the new reservations page
  • Select the travel date, and if it is a round trip, then the date of coming back.
  • Choose the departure and destination airport
  • Fill in passenger information and then click on the seat selection tab
  • Select seat type and then submit the information
  • Make the payments for flight reservations, and you will get the email of flight bookings.

Is KLM Airlines provide family seats together

Most of the time, KLM tries to seat families together, but if it is impossible, they try to sit the child passenger with an adult. If you want to make the seats together of all the family members, you must make the bookings in advance.

How can I choose my seat on KLM airlines after booking a flight?

If you make flight bookings with KLM and you need to select the seat after the confirmed reservation, you can do it through the manage bookings option. If you want to do that, follow the points below.

  • Visit the KLM airlines website.
  • After this, select the manage bookings page
  • Then fill out the last name and PNR number
  • Further, open the seat select tab
  • Next, choose the seat from the available option
  • Last save that seat, and if you see any charges, then pay them.

How many seat classes are offered by KLM Airlines

Three seat types are available at KLM; you must choose your preferred. The seats offered by KLM are premium economy class, comfort class, and Business class. You will get the facilities and your luggage allowance as per your seats.

Which type class seat is preferred to book in KLM Airlines

Preferred seats are those in the first row and neat to economy comfort. The purpose of most of the passengers choosing these seats is that these seats are near the exit on arrival.

How to get free seat selection on KLM?

If you have made the reservation of your flight ticket with KLM, in that the only option you have to get the free seat is when the airline staff allows one for you at the time of boarding. However, if you have made the reservation under Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership, in that case, they have the option to make the seat selection for free at the time of booking or check-in.  

How can I choose my seat on KLM via customer service?

Unfortunately, travelers cannot proceed with the seat selection with the help of the customer service representative over the call or through any other way. They must proceed with the seat booking online through the airline's official website or when proceed to check-in at the airport desk.

How do I select my seat on KLM using the manage booking option?

The steps needed to proceed with the KLM seat selection through 'Manage Booking' are explained below.

  • Visit the official website of KLM and look for the "My Trip" option.
  • Once you click on the 'My Trip' option, you will have two options on your screen: 'Login to my account' and 'Log in with my booking details.'
  • Choose the o[tion, enter the credential per the requirement, and proceed further by clicking the search option.
  • Once you proceed, you will be redirected to the flight details page, where you need to find and select the option of 'Seat selection.'
  • A plane seat map will appear on our screening, and you have to choose a seat in your cabin class.
  • Select the seat and proceed to get redirected to the payment page if you are not booking the seat under premium membership.
  • Once the process is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation mail.

Can I select my seat after check-in on KLM?

The travelers are not allowed to make any changes to their booking after check-in; therefore, they can choose the preferred seat as per the availability at check-in, but they are not allowed to change their flight ticket once the boarding pass is issued to them. If they don't proceed with the seat selection, then the airline's staff will allow them a seat as per the availability of the flight.

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