Complete Info about KLM Business Class Upgrade Policy, Fee

KLM Airlines works with the passenger's needs and best satisfaction regarding flight services. You can make a KLM reservation online and fly on your journey through the preferred travel class. When you book the flight on business class, you need to do the upgrade to enjoy the exclusive benefits on the board. KLM allows you to upgrade to the higher class according to the terms and conditions. Following are the essential points to get the flight tickets to the business class for your destination.

  • You can upgrade to business class within 24 hours of the booking at no extra charge. According to the conditions, you must have made the reservation within seven days of the flight departure.
  • If you upgrade the flight after 24 hours, you must pay the relevant fees and the fare difference.
  • When online flight check-in, you can upgrade the flight 30 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • When you upgrade the flight, the amount you paid will be subtracted from the upgrade price.
  • You can purchase the upgrade through the miles, and the additional miles will be allotted to you according to the amount.
  • If you choose the emergency exit seats in the business class upgrade, you must be medically fit.
  • If you do not get any seats after requesting the upgrade, KLM Airlines will issue a refund of the amount associated with the purchase.
  • If you have booked with online travel agencies, you must connect with them to upgrade the flight.

How can I Upgrade my seat on KLM Airlines?

Passengers have the facility to upgrade their seats online or with the customer service team. You must follow the points mentioned to get a KLM business class upgrade for the appropriate destination.

  • To begin, you must locate the official website of KLM Airlines at
  • After this, you can choose the My Trips option on the website.
  • You need to type the booking code and the passenger's surname.
  • You will find the airline reservation details when you tap the confirm button.
  • You must choose the preferred KLM flight and tap the seat upgrade button.
  • You can add business class as your travel upgrade and select the seats from the seat map.
  • You will get the seat according to the availability of the plane.
  • At last, you must make the payment using the various modes and complete the process.
  • KLM Airlines will send you the upgrade flight confirmation message with the updated ticket at your registered email ID.

Moreover, passengers can communicate with the customer service team and talk to the experts about the upgrade. They will help you to board the flight in the higher travel class.

How much cost I have to pay for an upgrade ticket on KLM Airlines?

You must pay the necessary fees or charges when you decide to upgrade your flight ticket with KLM. The seat upgrade fee will vary between $500 to $1000 according to the travel class, destination, and number of passengers. You must pay the upgrade fees once you choose the preferred upgrade seat online.

How can I upgrade my seat for free on KLM Airlines?

Passengers can upgrade the flight seat free of cost within 24 hours of the purchase. If you want to come under the 24-hour rule, you must have made the flight reservation seven days before the journey.
Although, the upgrade will be free if you complete it through the KLM Airlines miles.

Can I upgrade my seat on KLM Airlines at the airport?

You can upgrade to business class, economy, and premium economy with KLM Airlines at the airport or during flight check-in. This feature is available at the KLM Airlines boarding gates of the concerned airport to upgrade the flight ticket or part of the journey.

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