Aer Lingus Seat Selection Policy | Choose Preferred Seat

Suppose you have booked a ticket on the airline and want to choose a comfortable seat for your journey. Then you can read the instruction below on the seat selection policy, process of seat selection, and charges. 

The Aer Lingus seat selection policy is given below.

  • If you have a seat preference, you must pre-book your seat rather than getting a random seat during check-in.
  • You must pay a fee to select a seat according to your preference.
  • The cost to select a seat depends on your seat type and the flight route.

How do I choose my seat at Aer Lingus?

  • You can choose your seat at Aer Lingus by visiting the official website and following the steps below.
  • Open the page - and click “Manage Trip”
  • You have to enter your booking reference and family name to retrieve the booking.
  • Once the booking summary is on the screen, you must choose “book a seat.”
  • Select the seat of your choice and pay the seat booking charge according to the type of seat.
  • You will receive an email with the details of the seat booking.

What are the seat selection charges at Aer Lingus?

The seat selection charges of Aer Lingus depend on the flight route and the type of seat. The details are given below.

Flights within Europe:

Aerospace seat: You will get the front-row middle seat storage for free. This option is available on select flights only.

Preferred seat: The cost for these seats is 16.99 Euros, and you will get the advantage of boarding and deboarding the aircraft on priority.

Front seat: The seat selection charge for this seat is 11.99 Euros. You will be amongst the first few passengers to deplane.

Extra Legroom seat: the cost to book this seat is 16.99 Euros. The seat will provide comfort during the flight as extra space is in front of you.

Standard + Seat: The Aer Lingus seat selection fee is 8.99 Euros. You will get to sit in the middle of the back of the aircraft.

Standard seat: the seat selection cost is 3.99 Euros. You get to choose from window and aisle seats.

For transatlantic flights, the seat selection charges will differ.

Ways to select a seat in Aer Lingus?

Three different ways to select a seat in Aer Lingus are given below.

  • During making the flight reservation
  • With Manage trip
  • During check-in

Can I book a seat for my pet in Aer Lingus?

You can not book a seat for your pet at Aer Lingus. The airline only allows service dogs to be carried in the aircraft cabin. Other pets can be booked for carriage in the aircraft hold.

How can I view my seat in a booking I have already made on Aer Lingus?

  • You can view your seat in a booking you have already made on Aer Lingus by following the steps below.
  • Go to the page - and click “Manage Trip”
  • Enter your last name and the booking reference to get the booking summary on the screen.
  • You can review the booking details and view your seat in the booking.

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