Air New Zealand Seat Selection: Policy, Process and Charges

Air New Zealand offers several different seat selection policies depending on the type of ticket purchased. For most types of tickets, including Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Premier Class, customers can select their seats in advance for a fee. Customers may also pre-select their seats at no cost when booking Economy Class tickets. For flights operated by Air New Zealand, customers can also request a seat upgrade when booking, though this will incur an additional fee. In addition, if you want to know about it, go through the terms and conditions.

Air New Zealand has several conditions and policies around seat selection.

  • You can reserve a seat up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure time at no additional cost.
  • You can reserve a seat up to 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure time for an additional fee.
  • Seat selection fees vary depending on the type of fare and route you are traveling on.
  • Some seats may not be available for selection due to aircraft type or configuration.
  • It is impossible to reserve seats in the exit rows, as these are reserved for customers who meet the requirements for such seating.
  • Seat selection is unavailable on domestic flights within New Zealand and by partner airlines.
  • Some seats may be reserved for frequent flyers, status customers, or customers who have booked a particular fare type.

Is it necessary to select a seat in Air New Zealand?

Selecting a seat in Air New Zealand is unnecessary if you can’t choose your seat; Air NZ will assign the seats when boarding the flight.

What happens if I skip the selection step

Suppose you skip the selection step while booking and reservation; you can easily take the seats from the airlines at the last moment. Due to as per the Air New Zealand seat selection policy, when you skip the seat selection process on the departing flight time, the airline will assign the seats.  

What are the seat selection charges of Air New Zealand?

The seat selection charges of Air New Zealand depend on the type of fare and seat chosen. Generally, seat selection is free for Economy Flexi fares, while Economy Saver fares may require a selection fee. Long-haul Premium Economy and Business Premier fares also include free seat selection. For other fares, the seat selection fee is typically $12 - $25 per seat.

How can I choose a seat on Air New Zealand?

If you want to choose a seat on Air New Zealand, you will get some ways to take it from there. So, go through the steps:

Through check-in:

  • Go to the official site of Air New Zealand
  • And select the column of “check-in.”
  • After that, enter the details of your reservation number and last name
  • Then, choose the “check-in" button.
  • View your reservation details and move your screen to the seat selection option.
  • Pawl on that option. After that, choose the seats as per your choice.
  • And save it, and download your boarding pass after completing the check-in process.
  • Pay the charges for seat selection and acquire its confirmation.

How many seat types are provided by Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand provides three seat types: Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Premier.

How can I select my seat after booking on Air New Zealand?

To travel at ease and in comfort, you can choose a preferred seat choice with air new zealand seat selections. The process through which you can choose a seat through the online process is as follows:

  • Visit Air New Zealand’s official website.
  • Salvage the reservation and then go through to the menu icon list. Choose the seat selection process.
  • You will be advanced to a seat map. Choose a preferred seat.
  • Proceed with the payment if required.
  • Once done, you shall receive a confirmation for it.

Can I contact Air New Zealand customer service for seat selection?

Yes, you can contact the airline for seat selection. You can go to the airlines' official website and get the seat selection done. You can go through the given steps so that you can contact them. Dial 1 (800) 262-1234 and then connect with an agent from the airline so that you can choose a seat of choice for the booking you are planning to make. Ask the agent to choose a seat for you. Once done, you will receive an email regarding confirmation.

Other than this, you can also contact them and put up a request for seat selection. You can go through them and drop them an email for the choice of seat. The airline shall get back to you and connect for the said procedure. You can make the payment and then confirm the booking.

What is a preferred seat on Air New Zealand?

A preferred seat on Air New Zealand means a seat with extra legroom and a better location on the aircraft. This preferred seat is primarily available with Elite, Gold, Elite Partner, and Koru members. It shall be free, or you can buy it within 24 hours of purchase.

What is the seat width on Air New Zealand?

The seat on every aircraft is different from one another, yet the basic seat width of Air New Zealand is 17.2 inches wide, with a pitch of 31-33 inches and a recline of 5 inches. You can book seats in a premium class and avail of the seat benefits for more comfortable seats.

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