Swiss Air Flight Change Policy, Procedure, and Fees of Airlines

Swiss Air is the flag carrier of Switzerland, and It covers almost 102 domestic and international destinations worldwide; if you have booked a flight ticket on swiss air and want to change your flight ticket. You must understand the guidelines of the change policy, which shall enable you to make the changes you want. The terms and conditions of the flight change policy are as follows:

  • For a non-refundable booking, you must make the changes within the risk-free time to make the required modifications without a change cost.
  • Any refundable ticket can be changed at any time at least three hours before the departure.
  • If there is any flight delay or cancellation of the booked flight, you can make the changes without a change fee.
  • If you make changes due to medical changes, you can go through the process by providing relevant documents.
  • You must make the changes in the same class. Change in class is not allowed with a flight change.

How can I change my flight on Swiss Air?

The process having steps through which you can make a swiss airways flight change is the best online process. The steps to get the procedure done by reaching the official website are as follows:

  • Salvage your booking with the help of the itinerary of booking details.
  • Now, choose the flight change option from the menu icon list.
  • Then, make the related changes and proceed.
  • Make the payment for the changes made and confirm the changes you make.

You might also change the booking on Swiss Air through the offline/ call process. You can connect with an executive on call by dialing 1 (833) 626-0737 and the same to help you with the process.

How much fee do I have to pay for flight change on Swiss Air?

The flight change cost, which you must pay while making the changes, is around $200 for a non-refundable ticket. But for the refundable ones, the change process can be accessed for free.

How do I change my flight on swiss air for free?

To make changes to the reservation on Swiss Air, you must go through the process accordingly. The conditions which allow you a free flight change are as follows:

  • Make same-day changes
  • Buy refundable tickets
  • Choose a protection premium or travel-insured booking

How many times can I change my flight on Swiss Air?  

You can make flight changes on Swiss Air as long as you want, three hours before departure. You will have the change fee and the fare difference every time you change. If you make changes within 24 hours, then only once can it be done for free; otherwise, you might have to pay for the changes you make to the booking.  

Can I Change my same-day flight on Swiss Air?

Yes, you can make same-day changes to your booking with Swiss Air. To go for this change, you must abide by a few conditions listed below:

  • Tickets booked with Flexible Economy or Business class are allowed for the change.
  • You must contact the airport for the change you want to make to your reservation.
  • Change is possible on same-day if there is an availability of seats.


Question 1:- Which tickets can be rebooked via

Answer:- Knowing which tickets can be rebooked is necessary if you are willing to rebook after the Swiss Air Flight Change. Below is the list of the tickets that fall in this category.

  • You can rebook the ticket via that has not been paid by barter or voucher.
  • It is impossible to rebook open tickets online without the corresponding flight segments.
  • In the current scenario, only one-way or return tickets with single flight routes can be rebooked.

Question 2:- Which ticket bookings cannot be rebooked online currently on swiss air?


  • Flight segment that contains booking with other airlines.
  • The bookings include reservations where the ticket is unused.
  • Bookings holding special reservations like animal or medical transportation.
  • Group Bookings can’t be canceled online.

Question 3:- Can I Change my mind after checking in Online?

Answer: - You can’t change your Swiss Air ticket online after checking in to the flight. Only the flights with the Open status can be changed online. Contact the Swiss Air call center or visit the Swiss Air booking counters to cancel the ticket after check-in.

Question 4:- What changes can I make to my tickets?


  • You can afford to make the following changes to your Swiss Airlines ticket after booking.
  • You can change the flight and Travel dates.
  • Name change and a change in origin or destination are not allowed.

Question 5: - What time before departure can a flight be rebooked online on swiss air?

Answer:- The minimum time to rebook your Swiss Air flight online depends on the Departure Airport. However, if you depart from an Airport in Switzerland, you can rebook the tickets online 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Question 6: - How can I claim a refund for my unused Swiss air ticket?

Answer:- Getting a refund for an unused Swiss Air ticket online is impossible. If you have purchased a refundable ticket, you can apply for a No-show refund later by filling out a refund form.

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