American Airlines Manage Booking | What Changes You can Made

Numerous ways can be used to manage your American Airlines flight. Managing flights is a post-booking service provided by American Airlines. With American Airlines Manage Booking, you can make several changes to your flight to make it more comfortable and desired. Suppose you have to make changes like name change or date change. You can do it easily by looking for the ways written below.

Manage your booking online.

You can efficiently manage your flight through American Airlines' official website. If you want to learn the process, then kindly see it below.

  1. Go to
  2. On the landing page, choose My Trips from the reservation tab.
  3. Find your reservation by entering your booking reference number and last name in the text field.
  4. Select your flight from the list and continue.
  5. Several options will appear; select the one you think to change or manage.
  6. You are allowed to either upgrade your services or downgrade it.
  7. After that, simply save it.
  8. If your changes require some additional chargers, then pay the service fee and complete the process.
  9. You will be notified in your email by a newly managed flight itinerary.

Manage your booking via phone.

People efficiently manage their flight bookings by speaking to American Airlines executives. If you also want to manage your flight, use their customer service telephone, 800-433-7300, and go through these steps.

  • Dial the mentioned number on your device.
  • Select the relevant service from the menu option given to you.
  • Speak to the executive and complete the changes that you have made.

How do I check my flight status on American Airlines?

It is always recommended to keep checking your flight status to avoid unwanted delays and plan to reach the airport accordingly. You can check your American Airlines flight status online-

Via mobile app

If you use an AA mobile app, you can quickly check it by finding the flight status section from the menu. You can sign in by giving your login credentials. After successfully logging in, you will find the option to know the flight status. Your flight list is shown to you; simply choose which flight's status you want to know by clicking on it. And then the status is shown on your mobile phone.

How do I find my American Airlines confirmation number?

You can easily find your confirmation number by looking into your flight itinerary, which was received in your email at the time of flight purchasing. Another place where you can find your confirmation number is on your ticket.

What kind of Changes do I make from American Airlines Manage Booking?

Here are the most used things that people do while managing their reservations.

You can make changes in

  1. Flight change
  2. Name change
  3. Seat upgrade
  4. Date and schedule change
  5. Origin and arrival change.
  6. Baggage services
  7. Additional services like wifi, meals, wheelchairs, medical equipment, etc.
  8. And many such changes that are essential for your travel experience.

How can I check my flight booking without login?

You can quickly check your flight reservation details without logging into your American Airlines account.

Website: you can check your flight booking by visiting the official website. Just enter your PNR details and click it from the My Trips option.

Phone Call: Another way to check reservations is by calling customer service. You can dial the American Airlines phone number and speak to the executives to find out about it.

Airport: By reaching the ground staff or ticket counter, you can check your American Airlines reservation.

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