American Airlines Cancellation Policy, Fee Structure & Process

Traveling is usually acknowledged as an unsettled event. So when you have planned a journey with American Airlines but the purpose of the visit has been called off, you can cancel your fare. But you get to follow specific statutory provisions mentioned in the American Airlines cancellation policy. Thus, you can become aware of the rules related to that by reading to the bottom points:-

  • When you could make a reservation seven days before flight departure, canceling a ticket within 24 hours could not apply any penalty.
  • The booking that gets canceled after exploration of this grace period could be subjected to a cancelation charge based on route and flight tickets.
  • If you present the required document to the airline for traveling, the airline can cancel the airfare and impose extra charges.
  • You could be exempt from canceling a flight ticket when you have met with a medical emergency or sickness on a travel date.
  • They could cancel the booking made with the help of a travel agent, not the airline.

How can I cancel my American Airlines flight?

When you are entitled to cancel an American Airlines flight according to its policy, then you could get various modes for completing a task.

Use Phone Number.

The quickest and easiest mode to cancel a flight ticket on American Airlines is called. There you can explain your reasoning efficiently and complete a task. You can dial this phone number, 1 (800) 433-7300, and then choose the “cancelation” option from the IVR.

Use Online Modes

One more channel to cancel airfare on American Airlines is online. In this way, you can carry out the process independently, and the steps for that are shown at the bottom:-

  • Reach American Airlines' official web page.
  • Afterward, click on the “manage trip” option.
  • Later, submit the surname with the record locator number.
  • Further, choose the “cancel flight” icon.
  • Then a cancelation summary opens that contains cancelation fees with the refundable amount. Click on the confirm icon.

Can I cancel my American Airlines flight after check-in?

No, you may not be able to cancel a reservation after check-in. But the condition might get for a flexible or elite member. Further, the cancelation made after check-in could have to forfeit its entire cost with a certain exception.

How much do I have to pay to cancel the flight ticket?

The flight on American Airlines gets a free window to cancel a booking. When you have crossed this period, you could have to pay cancelation charges depending on the ticket and destination. Hence the estimated costs could be around $200.

How do I request a refund after canceling my American Airlines flight ticket?

When you have completed your American Airlines cancelation process and want your money back, appeal for a refund. Thus, you can apply for reimbursement online, and the steps are as such:-

  • Go to the official web page of American Airlines
  • Now, click the “manage trip” icon
  • Further, submit your surname with a confirmation number
  • And then click on the “Refund” icon
  • After that, enter the asked information and click on the submit icon

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