American Airlines Seat Selection Policy - Pick Your Preferred Seat

American Airlines follows specific terms and conditions for seat selection policy which every passenger should know to avoid last-minute inconvenience. To understand more rules, you should check the given information.

  • If the passenger cannot select the seats while booking, the Airline will automatically assign the seats when check-in. The Airline makes sure that travelers choose their seats and provides the flexibility to change the allotted seats before boarding the flight.
  • Airlines allow passengers to choose their preferred seats before check-in by paying a certain fee.
  • If the customer wants to avoid paying the seat selection fee, let the Airline itself allot the seats for free, but it is not guaranteed that the assigned seat will be your preferred seat.
  • Travelers generally select the seats during the booking or after the reservation. If you want free Seat Selection for preferred seats with extra leg space, the passenger must have elite status membership or use miles to pay the fees.
  • Seat Selection fees may start at $9 to $10 one way.

How can I select my seat on American Airlines?

You can proceed with American Airlines seat selection during the booking or at check-in time. To learn the complete process, you need to read the given steps.

  • The customer can see the seat map icon once they have selected the preferred flight from the available choices.
  • Now you should head towards the My Trips/ Check-in, available on the homepage, and kindly fill in the name and record to choose the seats.
  • The seat map will open on the screen, and scroll to choose the seat from the available choices.
  • You can see the allotted seat number on your boarding pass.

How much do I have to pay for seat selection on American Airlines?

If the person purchases the seats with extra legroom or Main Cabin Extra Seats, you must pay nearly $10 - $22 as a seat selection fee. Passengers who hold Economy Standard seats must pay $9 - $10 to choose the preferred seats.

Can I choose my seat at the American Airlines airport counter?

Yes, American Airlines provides the opportunity to choose seats at the Airport counter. If you need help selecting the seat online during the booking, you should reach the Airport, proceed to the Airport check-in counter, and ask the customer service agent to show the seat map. You can see the list of available seats from which you choose the preferred one and proceed to pay if there is any difference. Once the payment is made, travelers should print the boarding pass, which includes all the essential details, like the allotted seat number and flight number.

How Many types of seat classes are offered by American Airlines?

  • American Airlines provides different seats, varying from the lowest to the highest.
  • Basic Economy Class, also known as Main Cabin, provides extra leg space by paying for it.
  • Premium Economy Class differs from Main Cabin, available only on major international Long-haul routes.
  • Flagship Business Class is an elevated experience with exceptional amenities.
  • First Class offers recliner seats, extra leg space, and a free seat selection fee.

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