Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation and Refund Policy - Fees Info

Turkish Airlines is the flag carrier of Turkey, and it covers 340 destinations worldwide. Suppose you have booked a flight ticket on this airline and want to learn about the cancellation policy, process, and what charges you must pay to cancel a flight. You can read the Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy given below.

  • Customers can make a cancellation within 24 hours of booking a flight, free of cost and get a full refund, given the date of departure is after seven days.
  • If you have canceled a nonrefundable ticket, you will get the taxes back as a refund.
  • You can cancel a flight reservation by using the official website easily if it was purchased via the official website.
  • The cancellation rules for a group booking can vary.
  • After canceling a flight booking, the refund may be in the form of travel credit.
  • If you cancel a booking made using eGift Certificates, Electronic Vouchers, and Travel Credit Vouchers, as per the Turkish airlines cancellation policy, the 24-hour cancellation rule will not apply.
  • If you cancel a reservation after the departure and it is unused, you will not get a refund.
  • Once a flight booking is canceled, the refund will be credited to the same source of payment that was used to make the booking.
  • For reservations made through a travel agency, you must contact the agency to cancel it.

How can I cancel my Turkish Airlines flight?

You can cancel your Turkish Airlines flight by using the official website and following the steps below.

  • Open the page turkishairlines.com and click "Check in/Manage Booking."
  • Enter the ticket number and the passenger's name, then click Continue.
  • Go to the relevant booking and click "Cancel flight."
  • The flight will be canceled, and you will receive an email from the airline with an update.

What fees do I have to pay for canceling my flight ticket?

The fees for canceling your flight ticket can vary depending on the type of ticket, route, and date of departure. For domestic flights, the cancellation fee can range from $30 - 55$. For international flights, the cancellation fee can be 70$ - 140$.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines Customer Service for Canceling a flight?

You can contact Turkish Airlines customer service to cancel a flight using the number 1 (800) 874-8875. Once you are online with a representative, you must give the booking details, like the confirmation code and the passenger's name, so that the booking summary can be obtained. The agent will cancel the booking for you, and you will get an update on your registered email address.

How can I get a refund after canceling my flight with Turkish Airlines?

You can get a refund after canceling your flight with Turkish Airlines by using the official website turkishairlines.com and following the steps below.

  • Go to the homepage and select "Check in/Manage to book."
  • Fill in the ticket number and the passenger's name, then click "Continue."
  • Go to the relevant booking and select "claim refund."
  • Complete the form with your name, number, and email address and attach relevant documents.
  • Click "Submit," and you will get an email with an update on the status of your refund.

The information above will be useful if you want to cancel a Turkish Airlines flight booking. If you need any other help, you may call the customer service number or visit the official website.

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