Malaysia Airlines Business Class Upgrade Policy, Medium, Fee

Malaysia Airlines is very much known for its comfortable seats and friendly staff. Suppose you have made the reservation and have enough miles to upgrade your seats. In that case, you must know about the Malaysia Airlines business class upgrade policy to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

  • The upgrade solely depends on the type of fare ticket a passenger is holding.
  • The upgrade can be done even before 3 hours of the flight departure at the airport.
  • But any last-minute upgrade required an extra fee to process.
  • Depending on the destination, the extra fee can be between 500 USD to 1000 USD.

How can I upgrade my seat on Malaysia Airlines?

If you are unsure how to upgrade the seats, you can use the following steps and make the seat upgrade on your Malaysia Airlines flight.

The online method:

  • You need to open the official page of Malaysia Airlines.
  • To proceed, you must click on the "Manage booking" tab.
  • Enter the reservation code or booking code and the passenger's last name.
  • Check for the seat upgrade offer.
  • If you have the offer, proceed with the on-screen instructions to upgrade.
  • After the process, you will receive the confirmation email of your seat upgrade.

The calling method:

You can also reach out to an agent using the contact number. The contact number can be found on the official page of the airline. Dial the number carefully, listen to the instructions, and press the key accordingly. Once connected to the agent, give the flight and personal details and ask if your flight has a seat upgrade. If there is, the agent will guide you to get the upgraded seats on your Malaysia flight.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Business Class on Malaysia Airlines?

If you upgrade your flight tickets at the last moment, you must make $500 to $1000 to get the upgrade. If you have miles points, you can use the mile and the cash option or just the miles option to upgrade your flight seats.

What is the process of upgrading seats on Malaysia Airlines at the Airport Counter?

Reach out to an agent at the counter, give the flight and personal details, and request the seat upgrade. If there are seats available, you can make the seat upgrade. Follow the process as the agent says and get your seats upgraded.

How do I Upgrade my Seat on Malaysia Airlines for Free?

It depends on the type of fare a passenger is holding. Some fare tickets allow passengers to upgrade for free, and some require a fee. Contact customer service to get to know about the seat upgrade.


If you are confused about the Malaysia Airlines seat upgrade, you can simply go through the above context and get the information about the upgrade.

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