What is the Flight Change Policy of Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines has provided a facility to change your flight and a policy that you must know to make changes to your flight. Some policies are

  • If you have purchased your ticket from unauthorized portals, you cannot change them using an official portal, so to make these changes, you must reach out to that agent to make changes.
  • If you want to, you must change your ticket with Malaysia Airlines and make them 12 hours before your scheduled flight.
  • If changes are made on the same day of departure, then there is a need to reissue your ticket and a fee for that too.

How can I change my flight ticket?

Malaysia Airlines has made it very convenient for travelers to change their tickets whenever they wish. You can use a process to make changes to your ticket using the explained ways.

Using manage my trips

If there are some changes that you want to make with Malaysia Airlines, you have to follow this as this is one of the most straightforward and hassle-free ways of making changes to your ticket. Follow these steps to make these changes to your ticket.

  • First, you have to provide the URL of the Malaysia Airlines website
  • After this, you have to click on Manage My Trips
  • Provide your last name along with your PNR. After this, click on the ticket you want to change.
  • Then click on change and make the changes that you want using this. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this process.

Using offline

Those who want to make changes to their ticket offline can make these changes after reaching the support team of Malaysia Airlines on their phone, which is available on their website. You can find that, and after you call them, ask them to make the changes you want. This completes your process of changing tickets for Malaysia Airlines.

How much cost I have to pay to reschedule my Malaysia Airlines ticket

After free cancelation, there is a cost you have to pay for rescheduling your ticket, and that cost varies as per your itinerary as well as the class of travel that you have chosen earlier with them. The cost of changing your ticket varies from $125 to $300.

How can I change my flight ticket for free

Malaysia Airlines has a policy, and if you want to make free changes to your ticket, you can follow this policy. As per that, you must ask for changes or make changes 12 hours before your flight departure as per Malaysia Airlines flight change policy.

How many times can I change my Malaysia Airlines flight ticket for free

You can change your ticket as many times as you want, as long as you make those changes considering risk free window of change.

This explains some of the policies of change and some ways you can use to change your ticket.

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